A Southern Artist with a Colorful Spirit


Jane Robin's artistic journey has been an extraordinary one, shaped by her diverse experiences as an antique store owner and a wine peddler in Austin, Texas. These adventures have transformed her into a masterful storyteller through her art. Just like a winemaker passionately crafts wine, Jane approaches her paintings with patience and a deep connection to the artistic process. Her creative process is similar to tending a vineyard, carefully nurturing her creative seeds and observing the colors bloom and harmonize on the canvas. The result is a visually intoxicating experience, an artistic creation of structure and balance that leaves viewers energized, curious, and craving more. 

With each brushstroke, Jane's art takes you on a spirited and authentic journey, infused with the rhythm and blues of her Elvis roots. For Jane Robin, art is a catalyst to inspire others to embrace limitless possibilities, follow their own voices, and live life with passion. She challenges society's tendency to rush through life and seeks to create artwork that invites viewers to pause, experience emotions, and immerse themselves in a world of vibrant colors and abstract designs. 

Jane's art is influenced by her Southern roots and true Texas flair. Her relocation from Memphis, Tennessee to San Antonio, Texas, years ago exposed her to new cultural influences and a profound connection to the state's sprawling hill country, historic Spanish architecture, and delectable cuisine (with margaritas included). Currently residing in Austin, Texas, Jane Robin is dedicated to forging connections through her art, sharing infinite imagination, inspiration, and vibrant colors with all who encounter her work. Her artistic journey is marked by vulnerability, authenticity, and an unwavering pursuit of creative expression.

Join her on a whimsical adventure down a beautiful Texas river, where life is filled with color, accompanied by her loyal poodle, Phyllis. So, grab an inner tube and let Jane Robin's art transport you to a world of wonder and delight!